Azio Retro Classic Maple Wireless Wired Backlit Mechanical Keyboard


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Azio Retro Classic Maple Wireless Wired Backlit Mechanical Keyboard


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A classic reborn: design originated by vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features, the Azio Retro Classic is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future.
Genuine & luxurious: Genuine leather or wood top plate. Leather reflects taste, craftsmanship, and exclusiveness while emitting a unique charm that inspires.
Tactile. Clicky. Backlit: the backlit mechanical keys are tuned to be tactile and "clicky", reminiscent of vintage typewriters.
Forged. Polished. Plated: The keyboard frame is forged with aluminum alloy and plated into a beautiful chrome/Satin finish to accompany the leather top plate.
High versatility: Fully supports Windows or Mac, and connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired via USB. (Pc and Mac replacement keycaps included).
Extended battery life: Built-in is a ginormous 5, 000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Up to a year on a single charge without backlight and 1 to 2 months with backlight.
Easy height change: adjust the height of the keyboard by twisting the feet stands.

Brand : Azio
Compatible Devices : PC/MAC
Connectivity Technology : Bluetooth, USB
Keyboard Description : QWERTY
Special Feature : Wireless, Bluetooth, Lighting
Color : Maple
Operating System : Windows/Mac
Number of Keys : 104
Keyboard backlighting color support : Single Color


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