Game Laptop Cooling Pad Cooling Stand Pad Cooling Panel RGB Lighting


Game Laptop Cooling Pad Cooling Stand Pad Cooling Panel RGB Lighting


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2021 Upgraded High frequency turbine mute radiator – Driven by the high frequency turbine of air circulation principle, Blower speed reaches 4500RPM MAX, the wind speed and air volume can reach 70CFM and the noise can be reduced to 35dB at the same time, providing you with an all-round and efficient silent cooling experience.
Radiator with RGB lamp – Exclusive surround RGB lights: This laptop radiator features dazzling LED lights in seven colors, with a million RGB colors to create a cool atmosphere, and the RGB ribbon around the laptop radiator provides visually stunning color and effect display that optimizes the gaming experience.
Comfortable gear adjustment design – The bottom is equipped with an ergonomically designed adjustable bracket. The adjustment of two different heights can meet the needs of different heights and sitting positions. By improving your sitting habits, it can help relieve neck pain caused by long working hours and incorrect posture, making the office more relaxed and healthy.
Anti-Slip baffle – In order to improve the compatibility with different sizes of laptops, the separate 18.5mm anti-skid baffle is designed to be compatible with all mainstream laptops up to 17.3 inches. You will no longer worry about the laptop slipping during use.
Quality assurance – The use of high quality engineering ABS materials, with good heat dissipation and durability.


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