Hitachi LG Portable DVD for Android Slim Portable DVD Writer


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Hitachi LG Portable DVD for Android Slim Portable DVD Writer


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Android Connectivity, Transfer and preserve photos, videos, music and data from your Android smartphone and tablet to a disc. Also, video, audio and data from CD/DVD discs can be played and read on your Android OS devices.
Transfer, Backup and Play, Rip your favorite CD songs to your smartphone, or backup your personal video and pictures from smartphone to a disc.
Made for Learning at Home | Work from Home, Children and students can watch educational DVD or listen audio CD on tablet.
Free Android APP Available, For Android tablet and smartphone, please download “TrueDVD+” or “Disc Link Platinum”; For Android TV, please download “TrueDVD”. Both USB-C and USB-A cable included. Use the appropriate one according to your device.
Multi Compatibility, Android version 8 or above. Also working on Windows 10 and Mac OS. Support M-DISC to protect your important data and files. Note compatibility may depend on codec of application being used when playing files.

Hardware Specifications
Loading Type : Tray Type
Power Connection : USB Cable
Environment : Operating: Temperature 5 ~ 40℃, Humidity 15 ~ 85%
Storage: Temperature -30 ~ 60℃, Humidity 10 ~ 90%
MTTF: 60,000 POH (Duty 10%)
Disc Tray Loading: 10,000 times
USB 2.0 (3.0 Compatible)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
141 mm x 14 mm x 136.5 mm
Net Weight
200 g


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